Brand Management

Brand Management
The 4 pillars.

Display Adverts / PPC

Online advertising, the cornerstone of
targeted sales and acquisition. Driving
website traffic.

Content / Media

Digital branding, compelling content
for the web.

Brand Strategy

Brand telling, consumer-centric
engagement and targeted advertising.

Website Optimization

Search engine marketing, search
engine optimization, analytics and
reporting. Design and user experience.

Brand Digital Strategy

Unique Selling Points

Establish your USP’s and translate them for online sales.

Digital User

Mature web users are harder to
convince, have a back-up plan
for them too.

Brand Objectives

What are your brand’s overall
objectives for a digital
marketing strategy?

Digital Channels

Not all social media channels
are equal, choose which ones
apply to your brand.

Digital Audience

Your brand might have a
restricted digital audience,
adjust your digital strategy and
budget accordingly.