Business education

Everyone, in every company, and in every position needs professional training. We are not all going to be digital marketers, but a good portion of those who take our digital marketing courses are, at least, going to be conversant in today's fast-paced online market.

Business education plays a major part in every company's success, sadly, very few companies in Zambia offer in-training for their staff, leading to disgruntled business owners and unmotivated staff.

It's simple, if your staff are not performing, it is perhaps because they are no longer able to think outside the box. This is often the case in corporate companies where corporate image and guidelines take precedence over creative thinking. 

When you hire new staff, they are generally self-motivated, rich in ideas and perform at the highest levels. After a while, say 2 or 3 years, comfort zones set in and performance levels drop. This is not necessarily because your "once upon a time great new recruit" is lazy or complacent; this is most likely because they have been doing the same task over and over again without gaining exposure to new business skills.

It is paramount, for your continued success, to empower your employees by giving them new tools to work with.


Consider this: a good butcher would not work with an old blunt knife.


This analogy is true for most businesses, you start out with a shiny, sharp new recruit and end up with a dull blade. In terms of return on investment, this becomes a very costly employee to maintain.

By allowing your employee to further his/her business education, you gain two fold:

  • They become more valuable to your company
  • They feel valued, and you gain their loyalty

Most businesses will say that paying to further their employees' business education is expensive or even un-affordable in some cases. But think about how much money you are losing by holding on to an employee who does not bring anything new to the table.

Month after month, your company loses out, not only in pay slips but also in reputation.


SOW Communications can breathe life back into your team, open new doors and unleash minds.


We offer courses and workshops, applicable to almost every business and career path. From sales to marketing to analytic skills,  your business will grow in more ways than you thought possible. Best of all, your staff will feel an integral part of your business and give you 100% once again. Grow your people, grow your business.

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