General Liability statement and disclaimer –  SOW COMMUNICATIONS – DIGITAL MARKETING AGENCY

We wish to inform all our customers that it has come to our attention that some former employees have been actively soliciting work with our client portfolio using private and confidential information (proprietary information such as emails and phone numbers) gathered during their employment at our Digital Marketing Agency.

As per our general contract please note – Extract of the 2017-2018 SOW COMMUNICATIONS – General Contract:

”As far as long-term file retention is concerned, we only store copies of milestones in our development process, stripped of any sensitive information, for reference purposes. For certain tasks (including, but not limited to design, testing, and content management), we may delegate the work to subcontractors or employees. In this case, we will only give them the access they need to complete the tasks in question. If possible, we will only give them access to a development or staging environment. If you have systems or accounts that you need only us to have access to, then we need to be informed of this when or before you give us access. You agree to change all relevant passwords (FTP, website, host, databases, etc.) after we no longer need the access in question and that we can’t be held liable for any security breaches resulting from your failure to do so.”

We are releasing this statement with strong emphasis that employees (current and former) have a moral obligation, as well as a contractual obligation to our clients and to our agency once they have entered into remunerated work with the company. Zambia is a signatory of the Paris law agreement for the protection of industrial property and various other agreements for the protection of intellectual property such as WIPO (World Intellectual Property Organization) to name a few. As such, copyright infringement, intellectual property theft, breach of non-disclosure agreements and impersonation may lead to a former employee being sued.

Each employee contracted or trained at SOW COMMUNICATIONS since its inception in May 2015 and who is currently  either: ”impersonating, copying concepts, distributing and publishing similar content , soliciting work from databases they have had access to through their employment at SOW COMMUNICATIONS, or generally offering copycat services” is essentially performing illegal activities and causing reprehensible damage to our agency and possibly to our clients.

SOW COMMUNICATIONS has been in operation since 2015 and we have paved the way for many young aspiring digital marketers and communications specialists – through our partnerships with various communications experts, digital marketing education providers and digital certification opportunities  –  we have given each of them the opportunity to learn from us, to help them open new career pathways and to excel at applying digital marketing and communication concepts in a business environment. Many have moved onto successful digital and communication careers and we are extremely proud of this.

We invite you to come forward should you see any such activity from our former employees so that we may address the issue and deal with the possible ramifications in a legal manner. Your cooperation is much appreciated.