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We are communicators, we love what we do because we believe in what we do. Our company is committed to disseminating your information the best we can.... BUT...

We are not all business.

We believe in education and family for all children and have dreamed of ways to inspire children through education.



Diana Parker, our Digital Marketing Director - is a french national, when she settled in Africa, she helped fundraising for education-driven women's cooperatives in Malawi, and taught English to teenagers from the local village school. 

It took her years to define ways in which she could translate her language, writing and communication skills into a job that could "tick" all the boxes. So, she first created Babylon in 2010, a translation/marketing/digital marketing company. In 2014, her friend Lavender returned to Zambia to settle back here for good, and a chance meeting at the local supermarket re-ignited their friendship and their never-ending kindred conversations.

Lavender Degre, our MD & Communication Director, is Zambian-born. Lavender is a globe-trotter, she studied in South Africa, lived in Cote d'Ivoire for many years and traveled extensively in Africa through her United Nations position for over 15 years. Lavender also travels to and from France, where her husband and children reside.  In 2009, Lavender's eldest boy  - Romain - wrote a brief for an environmental concept at school: " The movement for the protection of children and the environment" or MGEE.

Not only satisfied with being a proud parent for her son - who won a series of awards through this brief - Lavender actually followed her son's brief and set the movement in motion for real. First in Cote d'Ivoire, and then in her homeland of Zambia.  This is how MGEE played a major role in the creation of  SOW Communications.  


  • We believe in children, the environment and in communicating those concepts to our children 
  • Any area of education requires communication, whether it be visual, written, art inspired or language driven
  • Clear communication is the key to life education
  • Effective communication is what sets our children free to chose the life they want
  • Our children are the future of our world, and for this reason, we believe that a rounded education should begin with an environmental education

Our story:

We stopped saying:  "We should really do something together", and actually got up and did it. The stage had long been set, a fuzzy business model had emerged and, being extremely decisive people, we got into the car and started the process of opening a company. Just like that, we drove to PACRA, registered a company name, started drafting articles of incorporation, opened a corporate bank account and a few days later, we had set up SOW Communications.


SOW Communications emerged as our trading name, encompassing communications and sowing knowledge, sowing the seeds of a better cared-for world in our collective children's minds. 


MGEE remains an "affair of the heart" -  Romain is now a university student, and he is actively engaged in how the charity runs. Lavender and Diana hope that, through SOW COMMUNICATIONS, they can find more benefactors to raise funds for the MGEE children. They dare to dream that it is possible to educate environmentally - aware:

Entrepreneurs, artists, writers, sales people,  doctors, engineers, and any other profession the children can dream of....


*Each child at MGEE receives professional mentoring and career orienteering with a team of dedicated counselors. To find out more, email







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