Sometimes, all a business needs is a little helping hand in understanding the market we live in today and who their consumers are!

I am Diana Parker, Digital Marketing Director at SOW COMMUNICATIONS. I have spent the last 3 years studying the Zambian business environment and have compiled over 200 strategy documents for businesses who had previously struggled to achieve the exposure and associated sales they required to keep them, well… in business. Some have gained great success, others have struggled in the face of change (digital phobia, IT & poor internet systems, staffing issues etc.). I’ve learnt a great deal about these stumbling blocks too and I am well aware of the challenges we all face in that respect. But that does not have to deter anyone from setting up systems that can work online and offline too!

Price is often another stumbling block – hiring a consultant on a monthly basis seems like a lot, but here is the truth:

Hiring a consultant, who has spent 10 years working in the digital environment is like hiring a senior level executive for your company. You would probably pay $8000 monthly for someone like me on a full-time basis. The depth of knowledge and advice I can give you is going to change fundamental strategies in your business. The advantage here is that I have, at any given time, 4 other consultants ready to step-in to focus on YOUR bottom line and how to achieve it – under my instructions. No PAYE, no leave of absence, no maternity. None of the obvious staffing stumbling blocks – to summarize!

Is it expensive to advertise online?

Marketing is expensive, right? Wrong. Marketing is not expensive when you do it smartly. Save on marketing by targeting only the consumers who are actively engaged with your products/brand. Understanding consumers segments,  consumer behaviour and the ‘buyer’s journey’ is not an art. It’s a careful plan of action. It’s budgeted and it’s optimized for YOUR business. This method is called SEARCH MARKETING and deals with a digital marketing vertical known as SEM.

There is no one size fits all! The miracle happens when you let someone come in with fresh eyes and all the know-how!

So, I have designed a new package (the in-betweener, I’ll call it!)  – I like packages because they’re nice and simple – like the ideas I promote! The process is simple:

  • Review your business (where are you at now – monthly sales/clients/forecasts)
  • Review your digital assets (social media, website)
  • Review your strategy (what business activities are your promoting now and in future)
  • Review how we can save on other marketing efforts (is the billboard really bringing in business?)
  • Decide on a monthly digital budget to acquire new consumer segments (LEAD GEN)
  • Respond to targeted LEADS (your appointed team does that part)
  • Optimize LEADS from MQL to SQL

Are you ready to learn new things about your business? – Are you ready to increase your LEADS? 

We’re ready if you have the following in place:

  • A company website
  • At least 2 social media assets (Facebook & LinkedIn for example)
  • At least one employee that can answer customer queries/leads (efficiently and timely)
  • Your company’s communication strategy/logo/branding in place

If you don’t have that, we will not turn you down of course, but we’re going to have to charge you a bit more to get you set-up. A website will cost you $1800 – Social Media Assets building will cost you roughly $650 and a new logo/communication documents/business etc. will cost you about $400 – once off costs. We can’t help you find a new employee, but we can point you to specialized HR agencies who do that.

I am really passionate about what I do, Digital is a tool for business, it’s been my tool for business for almost 10 years now. It’s by no means a magic wand but it will certainly make a difference in your business! With all the hype we hear about Facebook and the dangers of the internet – I’d just like to clarify ‘people are in charge of these tools – not the machines’. I use all the ‘good stuff’ from the internet and throw out the rest.

Get in touch with me,

EMAIL: diana@sowcommunications.com

PHONE: +260 (0) 9 789 68 548