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To whom it may concern – Diana Parker – Digital Marketing Director
SOW COMMUNICATIONS on hiring digital marketers for tourism – CASE STUDY

Long gone are the times where we traveled once a year to a sunny destination we saw posted on the shop window of our local travel agency.
Today’s traveler is an active participant, a business traveler, an adventurer… and, he is tech-savvy enough to find the best deals, at the best time and at the best place…all of it, ONLINE.
In an ever-changing industry, how is not hiring digital marketing professionals affecting tour operators and hoteliers in Zambia?
In a recent article presented by Powered by search – the pitch was simple:
“Hospitality and tourism are one of the industries that are most affected by digital development. Transportation and accommodation companies are the first ones to utilize digital marketing techniques in their practices to engage communities and make sure their customers have the best possible away-from-home experience. In order to perform well and gain competitive advantages, players in the travel industry are always looking for the newest and greatest ways to reach their buyer persona and tailor their offering to their target audience”
Zambia is one of the most stable African countries in sub-Sahara, the country offers multiple experiences ranging from the adventurous to the honeymoon type. From fishing to game-viewing all the way to river rafting and bungee jumping. Zambia has it all; including the world famous heritage site of the Victoria Falls.
So why are tour operators struggling to fill their premises?
It’s simple, its marketers are, for the most part, untrained to face the new world challenge that is search powered marketing.
On operator level, as well as state level, few stakeholders have realized their potential in the race to reach consumers at the exact moment of purchase, moreover, the information found by potential travelers online is often clunky, out of date and generally impractical in today’s digital age.
Travelers seek efficiency, online payments, ease of use; all of which starts at the decision-making time of choosing their destination.
How can we assist you?
SOW COMMUNICATIONS is dedicated to helping tour operators, hoteliers and lodge owners gain more from their investments. We offer the full package from sales-oriented website development to social media and customer relationship management online. Search marketing driven by content paid search and optimization of digital assets.
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