Translation, Transcription and voice overs


SOW Communications' founders are both bi-lingual French speakers. We offer in-house translations for FRENCH - GERMAN - SPANISH. Additionally,  we are members of an online network of translators and contract for the languages we do not support in-house. Our areas of expertise are:

• Editorial / Creative writing / Merchant websites

NGO - conferencing and interpretation.
• Education
• Environment
• Legal
• Literature
• Management
• Marketing / Commercial – Search Engine Optimization
• NGO/ Charity
• Public sector / International development
• Specialty / Luxury Tourism/ Hospitality & Food/ Catering

Technical fields:

Commercial & Marketing: hotels, gambling, affiliate marketing, casino and online lotteries
Construction: wood & carpentry, Eco-buildings, lodges, interiors and related fixtures.
Education: grass root projects, press releases, human resources, Chichewa language
Farming: tobacco trading terminology, permaculture
Food & Leisure: cookery, hunting in Europe, yachting, scuba diving, travel, eco-tourism
Health: alternative medicine & therapies, tropical diseases
Historical: the Maltese Islands, the Rosetta stone, the great rift valley
Legal: offers for tender, contracts, commercial terms & conditions , divorce amendments, asylum seeker files
Wildlife: sea mammals, cichlids, African wildlife & southern African birds