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We are a digital marketing agency and school of digital marketing based in Lusaka. We are experts at developing online identities for brands, services and products.
We provide digitally and sales driven, integrated, locally relevant brand positioning online. Using all forms of digital media such as websites, blogs, social media and email marketing platforms, we promote our clients as successful and exciting industry leaders in their target market.


Additionally, we offer digital marketing courses through the Red and Yellow school of logic and magic. The courses are endorsed by USB-Ed (the business development studies of the University of Stellenbosch- South Africa). A certificate for persons 18 and above is issued at the end of a 10 week online course; which we - with the R&Y school - have specifically modified to suit the needs of the Zambian market with a weekly 'face to face' focus group session of 1h30 in addition to a 9-5 online support chat group and the course materials. In order to receive the certification, the student has to achieve 50% or above marks. 


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