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A company’s communication strategy is faced with different target audiences, including customers, journalists, investors, suppliers and the community. We advise other employees and managers on communication tasks and use written and verbal skills to create a wide range of product and corporate communication material. By communicating effectively with your target audience, we help you to build a positive reputation for your company.


We are, primarily, a digital marketing agency and school of digital marketing based in Lusaka. We are experts at developing online identities for brands, services, and products. We provide digitally and sales driven, integrated, locally relevant brand positioning online. Using all forms of digital media such as websites, blogs, social media and email marketing platforms, we promote our clients as successful and exciting industry leaders in their target market.


Our Communications Director, Mrs. Lavender Degre specializes in mass media, project proposal drafts, and NGO management & assessment. Having worked for the United Nations, and in governance programs for over 15 years, Lavender brings with her a wealth of knowledge on policies, project feasibility, and dissemination. Lavender is an expert at project strategy and implementation.

Mrs. Diana Parker (was Barlow), Digital marketing director, co-founder and CEO of SOW COMMUNICATIONS, is the lead brand strategy advisor and analyst on all of the agency's accounts. Diana specializes in strategic business consulting. Services range from management to business workshops in digital marketing and consumer-centric digital strategies to launch or propel products/services into the digital realm. Diana is uniquely placed in terms of experience and expertise in digital marketing to successfully deliver on a vast array of strategies with a very strong sales focus. She identifies strategies to unlock the potential for sales and exposure for growth within the organization, which she achieves by meeting executives as well as employees of the organization. A large part of Diana's work constitutes establishing links, developing and bridging the gap from traditional communication channels (in-house and otherwise) to digital channels (websites, search marketing advertising, and social media). Each client's unique strategy is carefully examined and optimized for best results for a 90 days 'Research and Discovery' period, which is a mandatory part of each client-agency contract. 

Diana is an effective communicator, leader and creative-minded individual with the ability to convey ideas and concepts across culture, seniority and aptitude levels. She speaks five languages and has lived in nine countries. Besides her expertise in digital marketing, she also holds a BTS in Tourism & Hospitality Management from France, where she was born, raised and educated. Previously, Diana owned and operated a hospitality consulting business, RIFT WOOD LTD, which specialized in hotel management services for properties entering the market for acquisition.  She has extensive experience in the tourism sector in countries including Malta, Antigua, Mexico & Malawi. 

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Maliko is a young and brilliant individual who has dedicated himself to making an unforgettable impact on the Zambian business industry. He has delivered on an array of accounts including finance, insurance and private brokerage.

His vision and goals are truly what drives him to great achievements for our clients. Maliko is our creative lead at SOW COMMUNICATIONS. Maliko studied law, his legal background enables him to deliver strong communications and media skills to our corporate portfolio. 


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