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SOW COMMUNICATIONS has, since 2015, entered into a strategic partnership with the Red and Yellow School of Logic and Magic (a private higher education digital marketing school based in Cape
We deliver Digital Marketing Certificates which are endorsed by the USB-Ed University (executive development branch) of Stellenbosch, South Africa.

Our partner, Red and Yellow, already serve numerous corporations and private businesses with excellent training levels for in-house marketing teams.
Our courses are extremely well designed and easy to take in conjunction with a busy working day.

Our specifically designed ‘Zambian blended’ version, or ‘face to face option’ ensures that a weekly presentation of the module is done at the client’s office (for delegations of 4 or more) in order to ensure that the delegates are prepared for their weekly online assignment. The Zambian representative and course leader, Mr Diana Parker, lectures during a 4 hour workshop style presentation on a weekly basis, for a period of 10 weeks.

The best part of the course is that delegates in corporate courses are strongly encouraged to work on their own company’s digital assets, providing continuous monitoring, improvement and suggestions to enhance the company’s overall digital footprint.

Each week, the delegates learn how to assess, improve and optimize their company’s digital assets.

At the end of the course, those passing 50% and above will receive one of the most highly regarded e-marketing certifications available in Southern Africa.

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